Will Face Massage Affect Filler? Experts Sound Off

Injection needle

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Scroll through Instagram or TikTok, and I guarantee that you come across at least one video detailing how to do an at-home face massage for fresher, brighter, and more sculpted-looking skin. Advocates often share some pretty epic before-and-after photos to prove that face massage improved their appearance. And while I can’t personally confirm the validity of the thousands of posts on social media, skin experts say there are real benefits to face massage, including lymphatic drainage and increased circulation.

Personally, I do a five-minute face massage each morning to reduce puffiness and refresh my dull, tired-looking skin. However, lately, I’m wondering if I can stay committed to this little ritual. You see, I’m entering the last year of my 20s, and I’ve started to see signs of aging appear. Yep, that means I’m officially considering getting small amounts of Botox and filler to course-correct. And after doing some research, I’ve seen conflicting advice on whether or not to continue face massage post-injection. Some people say it’s fine; others say it will cause the filler to dissolve or even migrate. So, what’s the truth? I reached out to three skin experts to find out once and for all.

Woman doing an at-home face massage

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First, What’s the Difference Between Botox and Filler?