Have a Lovely Weekend. | Cup of Jo

What are you up to this weekend? After a long week, the boys and I are excited to do absolutely nothing. Maybe watch TV? Maybe order pizza? Maybe stare at the ceiling? If it requires zero thought or energy, we’re in. Hope you have a good one — I loved catching up with you this week […]

July Faves

What would you add? By the wonderful Grace Farris. P.S. Easy summer bucket list and vacation threats. … Read more The post July Faves appeared first on Cup of Jo. Source link

Three Flirty Summer Looks | Cup of Jo

Back in March, when I was just getting back out there after my marriage ended, I shared two first-date outfits… Here they are. For those very early dates, I wanted to dress casually and maybe hold back a little? Everything felt new and scary to me. But sweet readers pushed me to get a little […]

What’s Something Popular You Just Don’t Get?

Last night, I went on a date that started off well. We met at a beautiful Brooklyn bar and ordered a great cheese plate and two drinks. But when my wine arrived, you guys, it was…natural. Of course, I realize that natural wine is cool these days. New York Magazine calls it “a wine-list must-have.” […]

A New Old Discovery

Of course I wasn’t exactly happy that my daughter had to have oral surgery… But last weekend, I flew out to Chicago to help get her through the right-of-passage removal of her wisdom teeth, and I had the chance to do something I don’t get to do very much anymore: I got to mother her […]

Welcome To Your Cronehood | Cup of Jo

It’s hard to explain how different menopause is from what you’re picturing… Because when you’re 11 or 12, you learn about fertility as a simple egg-dropping span of years bookended by the gentle onset of menstruation at the front and its gentle cessation at the back. And your first clue that this is not the […]

What Words Have You Liked Lately?

The other day, I learned a new-to-me word… I was lying in bed watching My Lady Jane, when one of the words hit me like a truck: detumescence. The main characters were lying in bed, after sleeping together, and the narrator said, “Should she tell Guildford [some bad news] now and perhaps sour this blissful […]

Our England Trip With the Cutest Babies

We just spent two weeks in Cornwall, England, with our chatty relatives and seagulls who would try to steal our chips. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see… We arrived at my late grandmother’s house… … where my aunt Lulu still lives. She always welcomes us with open arms. Here, she’s standing […]

Catching Up: How Are You?!

My loves! We got back from England on Saturday night, and, true to form, the boys woke up at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday. Jet lag is real. Thankfully, we’re slowly moving toward the right time zone, and we ate chewy bagels this morning to shift our headspace firmly back to New York. I’ll be doing […]

Visit Kent Narrows, MD: Chesapeake Bay’s Hidden Gem

  A laid-back waterfront destination on the eastern shore, 5 miles east of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Kent Narrows remains one of Maryland’s best kept secrets. Surrounded by stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay in almost every direction, it’s the perfect destination for a getaway or a day trip. And it’s close to other popular […]