Wild Video Shows Illegal Immigrants Overrunning Texas National Guard At The Border

Screenshot: Jennie Taer

Video posted to X shows a wild scene at the border as illegal immigrants “overrun” the Texas National Guard in El Paso.

The video has been uploaded to the social media platform by Jennie Taer, a reporter for the New York Post. It was subsequently shared by Fox News border reporter, Bill Melugin.

“Wild video shows hundreds of illegal aliens overrunning Texas National Guard soldiers & forcing their way past razor wire barricades as they rush the border wall in El Paso, TX and try to push further into the U.S.,” Melugin writes. “This is on US soil.”

As you can see in the clip below, a handful of National Guard members are unable to hold the line at a particular opening in the outpost. They are being pushed back as illegal aliens fall forward, creating a rush to the next gate.

Soldiers explicitly yell at them to “get the f*** back.”

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Biden Is In Texas On Same Day National Guard Is ‘Overrun’

President Biden is visiting Texas. Not to assess the situation at the border. Not to strategize in tandem with the Texas National Guard to protect the border. Nor is he there to discuss ways to protect Americans.

No, he’s attending some fundraisers. While the country is being actively invaded, President Biden is schmoozing with wealthy donors.

Joe Biden created the border crisis with his open-border executive actions. He is refusing to end the crisis by reversing them and enforcing the law.

And he is actively suing Texas to stop them from securing the border after abdicating his own responsibility.

Critics might argue that if you were to describe an enemy to America and what they might do to destroy the country, how would it differ in any manner from what President Biden is currently doing? Or not doing for that matter.

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Still Think Open Borders Are A Myth?

Does anybody want to check back in with Axios, who has repeatedly argued that the open border illegal immigrant crisis in America is simply a “myth”?

Hard to keep arguing that after watching the video of the Texas National Guard being overrun, knowing full well that President Biden is taking every action conceivable to ensure they’re being overrun.

Americans certainly deserve a president who will uphold their constitutional obligation to secure the border. Is that man Joe Biden? Not likely.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for President, had his campaign respond to the video of the Texas National Guard being attacked by overzealous illegal aliens at the border.

“Crooked [Joe Biden] is organizing, aiding, and abetting this,” they wrote. “That’s treason.”

Biden urged illegal immigrants to surge the border. He issued an executive order on his first day in office terminating any construction of the border wall. He ended the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy.

In fact, Biden took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days to dismantle border security.

Is it any wonder illegal aliens now feel they are entitled to surge the border, overrunning National Guard members in the process?

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Wild Video Shows Illegal Immigrants Overrunning Texas National Guard At The Border

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