What Are Your Five Most Rewatchable Movies?



Earlier this year, when I went to Paris with friends

…I wrote that we often watch ’90s movies on trips, like The Fugitive, The Firm or Sleeping With the Enemy. They’re fun and familiar, so you can chat or pack or doze or eat your weight in cheese while watching them.

Then a reader named Megan commented: “Sure, let’s talk about Paris. But also, let’s talk about movies you will watch any time, again and again, from any point in the movie. The Fugitive is in my top five. Also, PEAK Tommy Lee Jones.”


Such a good question! For me, no matter the time or place, I can ALWAYS sit down to watch these five: When Harry Met Sally, Goodfellas, Big, Mean Girls, and Palm Springs.

30 rock Oprah liz

As for TV? 30 Rock, forever and always.

So! I’d love to know: What are your five rewatchable movies? What can you quote from start to finish?

P.S. My friend’s embarrassing run-in with Ethan Hawke, and do TV jobs actually seem real?

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