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US government urges Sisense customers to reset credentials after hack

U.S. cybersecurity agency CISA is warning Sisense customers to reset their credentials and secrets after the data analytics company reported a security incident.

In a brief statement on Thursday, CISA said it was responding to a “recent compromise” at Sisense, which provides business intelligence and data analytics to companies around the world.

CISA said it urges Sisense customers to “reset credentials and secrets potentially exposed to, or used to access, Sisense services” and to report any suspicious activity involving the use of compromised credentials to the agency.

It’s not clear the exact nature of the cybersecurity incident.

Founded in 2004, Sisense develops business intelligence and data analytics software for big companies, including telcos, airlines and tech giants. Sisense’s technology allows organizations to collect, analyze and visualize large amounts of their corporate data by tapping directly into their existing technologies and cloud systems.

Companies like Sisense rely on using credentials, such as passwords and private keys, to access a customer’s various stores of data for analysis.

With access to these credentials, an attacker could potentially also access a customer’s data.

CISA said it is “taking an active role in collaborating with private industry partners to respond to this incident, especially as it relates to impacted critical infrastructure sector organizations.”

Sisense counts Air Canada, PagerDuty, Philips Healthcare, Skullcandy and Verizon as its customers, as well as thousands of other organizations globally.

News of the incident first emerged on Wednesday after cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs published a note sent by Sisense chief information security officer Sangram Dash urging customers to “rotate any credentials that you use within your Sisense application.”

Neither Dash nor a company spokesperson responded to an email from TechCrunch.

Israeli media reported in January that Sisense laid off about half of its employees since 2022. It is unclear if the layoffs impacted the company’s security posture. Sisense has taken in close to $300 million in funding from investors, including Insight Partners, Bessemer Ventures Partners, and Battery Ventures.

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