Uncovering the Dangers: The Impact of Haitian Illegal Immigrants

Uncover the dangers of Joe Biden's border policy in allowing violent criminal illegal aliens into the country. The tragic case of a Haitian illegal immigrant charged with the rape of a disabled minor highlights the consequences of flawed parole programs.
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The tragic murder of young nursing student Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant has brought to light numerous similar cases. These cases have highlighted the significant shortcomings of Joe Biden’s border policy—or its total absence. As a result, violent criminal illegal aliens have been able to harm American citizens.

This president is failing Americans in the most basic responsibility of keeping them safe from people who shouldn’t even be in the country.

Now, we have another tragic example: A Haitian illegal immigrant has been charged with raping a 15-year-old disabled girl.

He was in the US because of the president’s parole program.

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Haitian Illegal Immigrant Suspect Was in US Due to Biden Parole Program

This should have never happened. Yet Biden seems hellbent on continuing with policies under which these attacks on American civilians continue to unfold.

The Daily Mail reports, “Cory Alvarez, 26, was arraigned Thursday in Rockland, Massachusetts after allegedly attacking the girl in a hotel-turned-migrant center the night before.”

Rockland Police took the Haitian migrant into custody at the hotel, where Alvarez had been living, and the 15-year-old was transported to an area hospital,” the Mail noted.

The story continued:

The suspected child rapist arrived in the US last June through the Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan (CHNV) parole program, according to Fox News. 

The program has been criticized as it allows up to 30,000 migrants to skip the border every month, with Alvarez believed to have flown into New York City straight from Haiti with a two-year parole grant. 

Immigration officials have since filed a detainer on the 26-year-old with local authorities. 

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin added that the Haitian has a sponsor listed in New Jersey as part of his parole. 

At his arraignment on Thursday at the Hingham District Court, Alvarez pleaded not guilty to the charge of aggravated rape of a child. 

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It Should Never Have Happened

“The CHNV program that brought him to the US has come under fire since it was first opened in October 2022 to Venezuelans, before it was opened up to other nations in the subsequent months,” the Mail reports. “The program was then opened up to Haitians, Nicaraguans and Cubans in January 2023, as the number of migrant allowed to enter was expanded to up to 30,000 per month.”

Over 138,000 Haitians have been brought to the US via the program.  

This crime lies directly at Joe Biden’s doorstep. How long are Americans going to endure this?

This president has demonstrated no interest in addressing the country’s immigration issues. As a result, we may have to wait until November to see if any changes will be made.

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Uncovering the Dangers: The Impact of Haitian Illegal Immigrants


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