‘The Rock’ Quickly Caused A Liberal Meltdown By Saying He Wouldn’t Endorse Biden

Learn about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's experience and the backlash he faced for not endorsing President Biden.
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The life of a Hollywood star can be tough sledding. It’s infinitely more difficult if you dare to step off the Democrat plantation and fail to get behind President Biden.

Just ask WWE legend Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The Rock went from the darling of Tinsel Town to a pariah seemingly overnight.

His crime? Refusing to endorse the President. Actually, to clarify, he didn’t even go that far. He simply said he was not going to endorse anybody this election cycle.

“The endorsement that I made years ago with Biden was one I thought was the best decision for me at that time,” he said.

“I thought back then… I’m in this position where I have some influence,” Johnson continued. “I felt like that then, it’s my job now to exercise my influence and share this is who I’m going to endorse.”

“Am I going to do that again this year?” he responded when asked if he’d be supporting any particular candidate. “That answer’s no. I also realized that what that caused back then, was something that tears me up in my gut back then and now, which is division.”

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The Rock Gets Body Slammed By The Left

To reiterate, The Rock isn’t saying he regrets endorsing Biden specifically. He’s saying he regrets taking a political stand and subsequently alienating half of his fans.

Which is a reasonable take by anybody’s measure. How often do we say that we’d just like our athletes and entertainers to not drag politics into their sport or performance?

But this is a bridge too far for the left. And their responses on social media are evidence of a clear disdain for The Rock’s decision.

First up, Mrs. Thin Mint Vindman, wife of Retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Thin Mint Vindman.

“You know what also causes division? Fascism. Authoritarianism,” she writes on X. “Because if you don’t agree with the leader, they punish you. I sincerely thought he was intelligent but I have dispelled of that opinion.”

Poor syntax aside, Mrs. Vindman seems blissfully unaware that the man The Rock endorsed in 2020 has been the closest thing to an authoritarian this country has ever seen.

‘If you don’t agree with the leader, they punish you?’ You said that with a straight face while Biden actively throws his political opponents in prison?

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The Anger Continues

The rage posting didn’t stop there. Former GOP strategist turned MSNBC contributor Matthew Dowd, who once – nay, twice – compared Americans concerned about inflation to Nazis, offered his take.

“How about being in the fight for democracy and unite (the) country around that? Loss of respect for you,” Dowd responded.

The Rock will surely be tossing and turning in his sleep over losing the respect of – checks notes – Rachel Vindman and Matthew Dowd. Other flaks at NBC chimed in as well.

David Corn, of Mother Jones ‘fame’ and an analyst for MSNBC, believes The Rock is part of the “threat” against “democracy” now.

NBC news analyst Mike Murphy unruffled his shorts long enough to type that The Rock’s decision is “cowardly” and in reality “is actually very simple.”

Then you have Never Trumper Karen here and whatever message this is.

“So, @TheRock , what will you tell your daughter if Trump wins she is raped and forced to carry the pregnancy to term?” she writes. “Will you say, ‘Well, honey, I just couldn’t use my massive influence to endorse the only candidate who would have protected you?’”

Read that again. Rock’s lack of endorsement could lead to his daughter being raped and it’d be Trump’s fault. These aren’t sane people. Can you even imagine being that far gone mentally?

Imagine what level of intellectual gymnastics one has to take to suggest somebody wanting to stay out of politics is a ‘threat to democracy.’

The actual fascists have zero self-awareness.

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