The Products Behind “Pride and Prejudice’s” Beauty Looks

As someone who recently re-entered her Elizabeth Bennet era; I’m finally cracking open the books that have been collecting dust on my nightstand and wearing a long hemline every once in a while. I love how easily Jane Austen’s 1813 romantic novel Pride and Prejudice has withstood the test of time and feel just as strongly about Joe Wright’s 2005 adaptation. The film stars Kiera Knightley as the novel’s lovable, yet prideful protagonist and Matthew Macfayden as her tortured love interest. Nearly 20 years later, it maintains its popularity among a new generation of viewers; particularly when it comes to discussions about its aesthetics.

So, it was no surprise to me that its signature ‘no makeup’ makeup currently has my generation’s attention in a chokehold. The film’s lead makeup artist Fae Hammond has maintained that there was no makeup used; perhaps raising more questions than answers. In February, a TikTok TikTok Video went viral raising the question of the products used by makeup artist to create the famed look. “I will forever be haunted about the makeup products slash lip combo that happens in Pride and Prejudice, specifically for Keira Knightley, because there are claims that there was no makeup on that set,” said the video’s creator, Sam. “Every time I rewatch this movie, I think about it. It’s flawless. It’s perfect…That’s what I want.” Of course, with how gorgeous Knightley looked in that movie, who wouldn’t want to pull off something similar?

The Products Behind The Look Revealed

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