The 30 Fashion Items to Buy in Spring 2024

Spring is full of excitement over new beginnings, warmer weather, and the return of clothes that aren’t made to emotionally and physically swaddle you. That is the sun’s job. Therefore, in the fashion department, there’s simply more fun to be had. But first, you have to figure out which pieces, out of the thousands that drop this time of year, are actually worth buying. Shopping is fun—yes. But it can also be a lot of work if you want to do it right.

Since I’m sure you all have more pressing things to do than examine the entirety of what spring 2024 has to offer on the fashion front, I set my sights on curating a digestible, 30-item list of those pieces that are already defining the season ahead, from viral designer handbags to soon-to-sell-out denim and so much more. Scroll down to acquaint yourself with this time of year’s most talked-about and shopped-for items, from $7 to $3350.

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