Steve Cohen says a 4-day work week is coming in part because of AI

Steve Cohen: My belief is a four-day workweek is coming

Billionaire financier and Mets owner Steve Cohen said he believes a four-day work week could soon be the norm — an idea that has also influenced his 2023 investment in golf startup league TGL. 

“I think I would have done the golf investment anyway, because I think there’s a longer-term thought, but my belief is a four-day work week is coming,” Cohen told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Wednesday. 

The increasing presence of artificial intelligence will likely also contribute to a shorter work week, as well as the fact there are generally lower productivity levels on Friday, Cohen said.

Cohen’s family office Cohen Private Ventures bought the rights to the New York Team in the new primetime, high-tech golf league. According to reports, Cohen is in talks to also invest in the PGA Tour. 

He added that although he isn’t sure when exactly the shift will take place, he believes the four-day work week is imminent. 

“I just think it’s an eventuality. … That’s just going into a theme of more leisure for people, which means golf rounds that go up, interest will go up, [and] I guess courses will be crowded,” said Cohen. 

To be sure, he noted that if the markets remain open on Fridays, he doesn’t anticipate letting his traders take the day off. 

“Forgetting us, I think the vast majority of people will get an opportunity, I think at some point, to have a three-game weekend.”

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