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Report links mystery 'Havana Syndrome' to Russia

By James FitzGerald

A mysterious illness that has affected US diplomats in recent years has been linked to a Russian intelligence unit.

Personnel stationed around the globe with “Havana Syndrome” have reported unexplained symptoms such as dizziness.

They may have been targeted by Russian sonic weaponry, according to a joint investigation by The Insider, Der Spiegel and CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Moscow has denied any involvement, and US officials have said it is unlikely a foreign power is to blame.

But in their assessment of “anomalous health incidents” – delivered last year – they did not give any alternative explanation.

They also acknowledged there were varying levels of confidence in the assessment between the different intelligence agencies involved.

The phenomenon gets its name from Cuba’s capital Havana – where the first case was detected in 2016 – though the new report suggests the first cases may have happened in Germany two years earlier.

American personnel struck with the condition – including White House, CIA and FBI staff – have complained of dizziness, headaches, difficulty concentrating and an intense and painful sound in their ears.

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