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New York and beyond rattled by East Coast quake

By Kayla Epstein & Graeme Baker

New York and cities on the US East Coast are assessing the impact of a rare earthquake that swayed landmarks and cracked roads.

The magnitude-4.8 quake struck at 10:23 local time (15:23 GMT) near Lebanon, New Jersey, and could be felt from Pennsylvania to Connecticut.

Residents spoke of being rocked by a violent rumbling that threw objects around their homes and damaged walls.

Officials are now conducting safety assessments of infrastructure.

In New York, the Statue of Liberty was seen swaying, while workers and residents across the city’s five boroughs reported violent rumbling.

Jane Coxwell told the BBC she felt a “rattling” like a train passing while she was in a building in lower Manhattan. “Living in New York I have become accustomed to rattling from the subway. That’s what I thought it was,” she said.

“Then I realised I was on the ninth floor. It was a bit unsteady for sure. It felt like a passing train.”

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