Judge Forces Fani Willis To Decide Between Stepping Down Or Firing Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade In Trump Georgia Election Interference Case

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee issued a ruling that forces District Attorney Fani Willis to either step aside in the Georgia election interference case against Donald Trump, or fire special prosecutor Nathan Wade.
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Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee issued a ruling that forces District Attorney Fani Willis to either step aside in the Georgia election interference case against Donald Trump, or fire special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

McAfee made the ruling in response to a motion from one of the case’s defendants seeking to remove Willis from the proceedings due to her alleged improper affair with Wade.

Willis and Wade had acknowledged a “personal relationship” but said it had not resulted in any direct or indirect financial benefit to either party.

The judge criticized Willis for demonstrating a “tremendous lapse in judgment” and acting in an “unprofessional manner.”

However, he determined there was not enough evidence to support a conflict of interest and instead offered a solution to quell concerns about the appearance of such a conflict.

“The prosecution of this case cannot proceed until the state selects one of two options. The district attorney may choose to step aside, along with the whole of her office, and refer the prosecution to the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council for reassignment,” McAfee wrote in a 23-page decision.

“Alternatively, Wade can withdraw, allowing the district attorney, the defendants, and the public to move forward without his presence or remuneration distracting from and potentially compromising the merits of this case.”

One or the other must go.

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Fani Willis Must Either Fire Herself Or Her Boyfriend

While the judge’s ruling creates an interesting – if not delicious – scenario in which Fani Willis must essentially fire herself or her boyfriend, it really amounts to a pathetic display and a victory for the DA’s office overall.

Critics maintain that the crux of the motion to remove Willis remains. That she lied about when she and Wade were romantically involved.

Robin Yeartie, a college friend of Willis, testified that the DA’s personal relationship with Wade began in 2019, years before the couple both stated that it had begun and well before he was hired in the Georgia election interference case.

They attested to that timeline in official court filings. The seemingly tangible perjury led an MSNBC legal analyst to declare it was “game over” for Willis.

Game over, and yet her case survives. Most would suggest Fani Willis will almost assuredly dump Wade if it means she can establish herself as a liberal icon by prosecuting former President Trump.

Podcast host Megyn Kelly blasted the judge in the case for his “cowardly” decision.

“Judge splits the baby,” Kelly wrote on X. “Obviously Wade will go and Fani will stay. It’s a cowardly decision by the judge but still a major win for this defense team.”

Willis Under Investigation?

Kelly went on to compare Judge McAfee to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts. Roberts often rules in tandem with left-leaning members of the court to give the appearance of balance so the media will report favorably on them.

Still, Kelly says Fani Willis has “been publicly humiliated and disgraced” due to the revelations coming out of these hearings.

“I’m not at all confident she will try this case (against) Trump,” she added. “She will be under multiple investigations by then.”

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Some Charges Dropped

In further problematic developments for Fani Willis, the judge dropped six counts in the indictment against Trump and the other defendants. Three of those pertained specifically to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

While not a flat-out devastating move, it shows the case brought forth by Willis standing on very shaky ground.

McAfee also criticized Fani Willis for accusing the defense of racism for requesting she be removed.

“More at issue, instead of attributing the criticism to a criminal accused’s general aversion to being convicted and facing a prison sentence, the District Attorney ascribed the effort as motivated by ‘playing the race card,’” McAfee wrote.

“She went on to frequently refer to SADA Wade as the ‘black man’ while her other unchallenged SADAs were labeled ‘one white woman’ and ‘one white man,’” he continued.

“The effect of this speech was to cast racial aspersions at an indicted Defendant’s decision to file this pretrial motion.”

He described Willis’ actions and words as “legally improper.”

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