Joe Rogan challenges the media narrative on Trump’s ‘bloodbath’ remark

Joe Rogan exposes the media's lies about Trump's 'bloodbath' comment in a powerful interview with Jonathan Haidt.
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After the “corporate media” attempted to manipulate Donald Trump’s “bloodbath” remark about the health of the US auto industry as a call for violence, Joe Rogan refused to accept their narrative.

Rogan indicated as such during an interview with author and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt.

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Why People Don’t Trust Corporate Media: Joe Rogan

Rogan brought up how the media lied about Trump’s controversial “bloodbath” comment, and said that’s why people don’t trust the mainstream media.

The popular podcaster said, “It’s actually important to highlight how not just inaccurate but how deceptive the media was in their depiction of what he said, and that they are taking this quote out of context and trying to say that there is going to be a civil war if he doesn’t get elected, which is not what he was talking about at all.”

“It’s so disturbing that they would, first of all, that they would think that they can get away with it in this day and age with all of the scrutiny and with social media and with all the independent journalists that exist now, which is one of the more interesting things about the demise of corporate media,” he added.

Rogan then praised “real ones” – journalists like Matti Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald.

“The demise in trust,” Rogan said. “Trust in corporate media is at an all-time low, so this has led to a rise in true independent journalists. The real ones out there. The Matt Taibbis and Glenn Greenwalds, the people that are actually just trying to say, ‘what is really going on and what are the influences behind these things and why are these things happening?’”

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Rogan and Haidt then watched a video of Trump’s speech in Dayton, Ohio. During the speech, he said there would be a “bloodbath” if he’s not elected. Trump unquestionably was talking about the American auto industry and what might happen to it if Joe Biden is re-elected.

Haidt summed up Trump’s argument as “if I don’t win, the country’s over.”

Rogan disagreed, saying, “Yeah, but what he’s talking about is the subversion of our economy and the subversion of our democracy, that we will never have an election again. I don’t think he’s saying it’ll be a bloodbath in terms of a civil war.”

“He’s saying the economy’s going to be destroyed,” Rogan said.

“It’s an unfortunate term. I don’t think he’s saying it’s a civil war,” he added.

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