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Israel says it will open new aid routes into Gaza

By Will Vernon & Fiona Nimoni

Israel says it has approved the opening of two humanitarian routes into Gaza, to allow more aid into the territory.

The Erez Gate in northern Gaza will be temporarily re-opened for the first time since the start of the war and Ashdod Port will also be opened for humanitarian deliveries.

More aid from Jordan will be allowed to enter via the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

It comes hours after Joe Biden spoke with Israel’s PM for the first time since seven aid workers were killed.

According to a readout of a phone call between the US president and Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr Biden warned that Israel must take steps to prevent civilian harm and humanitarian suffering if it wanted to maintain US support.

It is understood that the re-opening of the corridors was specifically requested by Mr Biden in the phone call.

Mr Biden essentially gave the Israeli government an ultimatum – take concrete steps to prevent civilian harm and ensure safety for aid workers or US policy in respect of Gaza would change.

This was a significant shift in US policy – the first time that Washington has attempted to leverage American aid in order to influence the conduct of the war in Gaza.

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