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Hostages’ relatives arrested as Gaza talks break down

By Yolande Knell

Relatives of an Israeli held captive in Gaza were reportedly among those arrested by police at a protest in Tel Aviv, after the latest talks on a truce and the release of hostages broke down.

Some family members and activists used cages to block a main road on Tuesday night, as they demanded more be done to free those still being held by Hamas.

Their calls have become more desperate since negotiators returned from Qatar.

One Israeli official said the indirect talks had reached “a dead end”.

Mediators had been pushing a deal for a six-week halt in Israel’s offensive in Gaza in return for the release of 40 of the remaining 130 hostages. At least 30 hostages are presumed dead.

About 300 people took part in Tuesday’s demonstration outside the Israeli military’s headquarters in Tel Aviv – some of them locked in cages, some with placards saying “no price is too high”.

Israeli police said they had arrested four protesters “following a disturbance”.

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