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Gaza charity worker's death was a crime, say parents

By Tom Bateman & Madeline Halpert

Jacob Flickinger was a “loyal and devoted” aid worker and family man who was “chased down” and killed by Israel while trying to help those in need, his parents have told the BBC.

Mr Flickinger, 33, a US-Canadian, was one of seven people killed in a strike on a World Central Kitchen convoy.

Israel’s military apologised and called the attack a tragic mistake. It has promised a full investigation.

His parents however said that his death was a “crime” and rejected the apology.

John Flickinger and Sylvia Labrecque said there was a “hole in their hearts”, and that Jacob’s wife Sandy and 18-month old son Jasper were bereft without a husband and father.

Speaking from Quebec, they said he and the other workers were killed while travelling on a road designated by Israel as a safe humanitarian route.

Mr Flickinger said the charity had reported 24 hours in advance that their convoy would dropping food at a warehouse, and stayed in touch with the Israel Defense Forces throughout the process,

But still Israel attacked and “they continued firing until all the workers were dead,” he said. “Israel owes the families and the world an explanation.”

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