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Deepest Ukraine drone attack into Russia injures 12

By Laura Gozzi

Ukraine has claimed responsibility for a drone attack in Russia’s Tatarstan region – more than 1,300km (807 miles) from the Ukraine-Russia border.

The strikes, in which 12 people were injured, are the deepest into Russian territory since the start of the war.

Local authorities said that the strikes hit the town of Yelabuga, where drones are thought to be produced, and an oil refinery in nearby Nizhnekamsk.

The attacks occurred around 05:45 local time (02:45 GMT).

Yelabuga is located in the Alabuga “special economic zone” – an area with a special legal system aimed at attracting foreign investment. Iranian Shahed drones – which are frequently used by Russia to attack Ukraine – are thought to be assembled in Yelabuga.

According to media reports, at least 12 people – all of them students – were injured in Yelabuga.

Tatarstan regional leader Rustam Minnikhanov said the drones caused “no serious” damage to infrastructure in either location and that production operations were unaffected.

However, Ukraine’s military intelligence said the strike in Yelabuga “caused significant destruction of production facilities”.

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