Angelina Jolie joins Another Tomorrow as strategic advisor

Another Tomorrow, the sustainable fashion brand founded by Vanessa Barboni Hallik in 2020, has announced Angelina Jolie, actor, director, humanitarian, and entrepreneur, as a strategic advisor. 

Angelina Jolie joins Another Tomorrow as strategic advisor. – Another Tomorrow

As a member of the Advisory Board, Jolie will share knowledge, open resources, and community building, to set new standards for a more resilient and sustainable ecosystem for the apparel industry. 

“One of the biggest changes I’m seeing is that people working in sustainability are finding ways to partner, and I’m joining the Another Tomorrow advisory board because Vanessa is building a different path in this industry,” said Jolie. 

“She saw all the shortcomings and roadblocks that have long been accepted as rote, and she is taking them on and modeling how to work differently. To be part of this momentum is exciting to me, and for the outcome to be elevated clothing that comes from a thoughtful and humane supply chain makes it all the more beautiful.”

Another Tomorrow is recognized for its innovative approach to sustainability, including the introduction of unique digital IDs supporting supply chain transparency and authenticated recommerce. Achieving B Corp certification in its inaugural year, the brand has continued to champion circularity through initiatives such as the Authenticated Resale program launched in 2021.

Another Tomorrow has equally been an advocate for systemic change within the industry, actively supporting legislative measures such as California Senate Bill 62 and lobbying for ethical practices in agriculture. The brand has a global presence spanning over 50 countries and partnerships with leading retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges, and Net-A-Porter. 

“Behind every garment created is a value chain: an intricate ecosystem including nature, energy, people, and often animals – which tend to be overlooked as part of the historically extractive and opaque fashion industry,” said Hallik

“Angelina’s deep humanitarian commitment and her expansive vision are a consistent source of inspiration for me as Another Tomorrow seeks to redefine a responsible and resilient future for fashion. She challenges us to expand the boundaries of possibility, to operate in an enhanced spirit of determination and collaboration. All the while fostering and supporting a community of incredible aligned artists and designers like Mimi Plange.”

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