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Adobe’s Firefly Services makes over 20 new generative and creative APIs available to developers

Adobe today announced Firefly Services, a set of over 20 new generative and creative APIs, tools and services. Firefly Services makes some of the company’s AI-powered features from its Creative Cloud tools like Photoshop available to enterprise developers to speed up content creation in their custom workflows — or create entirely new solutions.

In addition, the company also today launched Custom Models, which allows businesses to fine tune Firefly models based on their assets. Custom Models is already built into Adobe’s new GenStudio.

Adobe describes Firefly services as a “comprehensive set of generative AI and creative APIs that automates workflows.” It includes APIs for removing backgrounds, smartly cropping images and automatically leveling the horizon in a photo, as well as access to core AI-driven Photoshop features like Generative Fill and Expand. In addition to these AI features, Firefly Services also exposes tools for editing text layers, tagging content and applying presets from Lightroom, for example.

“As consumer expectations around generative AI-driven personalization continue to rise, Firefly Services and Custom Models are first-of-its-kind offerings that unlock the possibility for brands to have powerful customization capabilities and more control in defining their automation processes,” said David Wadhwani, president, Digital Media Business, Adobe. “Brands are urgently looking to Adobe to shift their generative AI investments from playgrounds to production.”

Image Credits: Adobe

As with most of Adobe’s enterprise-centric use cases for generative AI, these new tools are all meant to help brands speed up their content creation workflows. Yet while many enterprises want to use generative AI, they are also worried about brand safety, which has kept many of them from bringing these tools into production. From the outset, Adobe positioned Firefly as a brand-safe alternative to other models and this new set of services continues that tradition.

“The rising expectations for customer experiences have compelled brands to rethink how they produce and personalize marketing content at scale,” said Billy Seabrook, global chief design officer, IBM Consulting. “Adobe applications have been instrumental in our creative process, and now with Firefly, we can rapidly generate imagery and templates in a range of styles and sizes to align with brand standards and enable more people to participate in the creative process.

Image Credits: Adobe

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