7 TikTok Fashion Trends That Will Actually Go the Distance

There’s something about the start of a new season that makes us immediately re-evaluate our wardrobes. Perhaps its the shift in temperatures, maybe its an overdue spring clean, but all too often I’ve stood in front of the mirror feeling uninspired and wishing my wardrobe was “cooler”. The solution? An immediate closet overhaul (nothing gets thrown away mind, merely stored for the following year). And where do we find guidance on the trends truly worth investing in? Well, as fashion editors our instinct is to scour the runways for the next big thing, but the truth is, the burgeoning trends that people are really wearing now are surfacing on socials long before the catwalk, and if you want to be lightyears ahead, TikTok is setting the style agenda.

And, before you ask, TikTok is more than just flash-in-the-pan aesthetics (and if you’ve lost track of whether everyone is currently “old money”, “mob wives” or “vanilla girls”, you’ll know what I mean). The video sharing app is actively encouraging us to experiment a little more with our fashion choices and have fun getting dressed in the process. You might not be a fully fledged “coastal cowgirl” but you might be drawn to pairing laidback denim and luxe suede. And while I have never declared myself a self-confessed “tomato girl”, I have found myself introducing capri pants, cardigans and pretty dresses into my wardrobe after scrolling through my feed, and who can argue with dabbling in different trends as a means to avoiding styling boredom?