36 Cool Styles To Help You Embrace The Outdoors This Spring & Summer

model wears blue bike short and dark blue bra with sweater over the shoulders and a bucket hat.

(Image credit: NorthFace)

Pack up your heavy coats because we’ve officially left super cold temperatures behind. With the arrival of the vernal equinox, comes warmer days and an increased desire to be outside as much as possible for the next several months. Whether you’re taking up a new sort, hiking up mountains, or swimming through rivers, you’ll need functional AND stylish pieces to tackle the outdoors this spring and summer. I’ve done what I do best, and I’ve curated a selection of outdoor-friendly styles that’ll get you excited to explore all the offerings the world has in store.

Whoever said activewear is purely functional hasn’t seen this selection. Included ahead are gorgeous active clothing in vibrant colors and the coolest outdoor accessories too. Need a pair of show-stopping wrap-around sunglasses? Perhaps you could use a sleek pair of hiking shoes? Don’t worry because I’ve got an array of cute pieces right here. Keep scrolling to uncover your new favorite outdoor-friendly fashion finds.

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